Winter's Best : Dolphin Tale Movie Review

Flipper with more heart. This is actually what I thought after watching Dolphin Tale, inspired by the story of the dolphin Winter (Which stars the movie amazingly as herself) she was caught in a crab trap,which caused unrepairable damage to her tail. This made the natural ability of Winter to swim become a daunting task. With the help of a dedicated marine biologist, unconventional prosthetics doctor, and a boy who believes, they were able to create a groundbreaking miracle that may also help other people in the world.

I was actually expecting that this movie will make eyes well with tears but it is not. It was a feel good movie, that exemplifies family values and determination that is quite rare in the films that we see nowadays. Although there were unnecessary parts in the film, that might try to cater to the light-comedic (?) and graphic infested era of films that we have, the message of the movie rings true: The courage and determination of a dolphin who wants to swim.

Anyone would be captivated with Winter, followed by a supporting cast that may not be equally lovable but is lovable in their own right. Nathan Gamble as Sawyer was well casted in the film, he was able to inject enough fun and compassion that the film deserves. Another favorite is Morgan Freeman, who yet again steals the show as the brilliant bow-tied prosthetics doctor who made the impossible possible. Small lines, big impact as he was with his other movies.

There were unnecessary CGI-ed parts of the film, which I strongly hoped was made naturally because the characters are already likable without the unnecessary computer imagery . Although it was quite in your face, it was not that of a big deal as the film was still likable.

Overall, I would recommend that you watch this film with your family. We do not get to see movies that champions courage, love for family, and determination without showing superheroes nowadays.

The Showbook Rating: 4.5 spotlights

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