Movie Review: 30 Minutes Or Less

Jesse Eisenberg stars as a pizza delivery guy forced into becoming a suicide bomber in the film 30 minutes or Less. A comedic follow up by Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer.
Nick, Eisenberg’s character, is sucked into the sloppily planned assassination of Dwayne’s father so he can get his inheritance and build a tanning salon slash whore house. Nick’s job is not to kill his father, but to get the money for the assassin Dwayne and his friend Travis hired. With the help of Nick’s best friend Chet, they plotted to rob a bank to get the 100 grand that the wannabe criminals needed and to free Nick of the bomb planted on his chest.
951020 - 30 Minutes or Less
Out of the showering of F words lies a  somewhat funny movie. I’m not really a fan of crude humored movies specially the ones that have farts, feces, vomits splattered around the place which is branded as “humor” that I will conceal in the name of “Bridesmaids” and some Rob Schneider movies (Thank God this movie do not have that!) but the saving grace of this movie are the comedic performances of Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride and Nick Swardson. They make do of the script and story provided to them and that for me is enough for a fun movie.
951020 - 30 Minutes or Less
Although it may not be the best comedy you will ever see, it is enough if you want a few laughs here and there. Some people may not be as lucky to pull of a bank robbery by some tried and tested recipes in action films but it kind of worked for the protagonists in this film. There are also some loopholes in the plot but we can just let it pass considering that the film’s agenda is to just give us some laughs.
Overall, you would want to watch this film on a boring day where you just want to chillout and relax with friends.
Rating : 2 spotlights
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