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Ever wondered how it feels to be an animator at Pixar? In my younger years that was my dream. Well, It has always been to work for Disney, but I changed my mind the first time I saw Toy Story. I was captivated the first time I saw the graphics and how well written the story was.

Since taking up Fine Arts is not really the college course of choice for most parents, I found myself putting this dream on hold and finding other passions. Since then I focused on other things instead of honing my talent in art.  It’s funny how fate takes you to other “dreams” but sometimes I find myself looking back to that old dream of mine, thinking what if.

Just this year, I’ve been thinking about going to school to pursue my dream. Pixar may be a long shot, but for me just to have the opportunity to hone my skills that had been sleeping for many years is already heaven. The invite by fellow blogger Azrael in facebook to checkout IAcademy was just perfect timing!

SAMSUNG            We were able to explore some of the facilities and ask questions from one of IAcademy’s Directors, Vanessa Tanco-Cualoping. The school is expanding and they are working to be the best. They shared to us that they are inviting one of the members of the faculty of Rhode Island School of Design to take a look at their foundation subjects. This is a huge leap! One artist I admire, Jessica Walsh,  is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. I was captivated by her work with Stefan Sagmeister which was shared to us in the recently concluded Graphika Manila.

The institution is also moving. Still within the Makati Business District, at the Mondragon Building near JP Rizal. The place is a perfect venue to feature student artworks and give the school a more “artistic” personality.

The institution is offering the following courses:

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Marketing and Advertising
Bachelor of Science in Animation
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Major in Software Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Game Development
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Specialization in Web Development
Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology

We also toured around IAcademy’s different classrooms. Take a look at some of the pictures!

  SAMSUNG            Iacademy Hallway

20130424_125656SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

This is the fashion design room where the students work on their featured outfits. I believe they are the host for Project Runway Philippines Season 3. Some animators featured their work to us. I envied them a lot!











     SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

Some of the classrooms. I was not able to take a good photo of the drawing boards that the students use.


The student lounge, very chic!

 SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

SAMSUNG              SAMSUNG

These are just some of the art pieces that caught my attention. Most are fashion pieces that were on display at the room were the mini Q&A was held. We particularly loved the kid with the fiesty glamour pose!

   SAMSUNG            Just FPJ of http://www.manualtolyf.blogspot.com taking a pose :D   

I’m still contemplating on how I will pursue my dream. One thing’s for sure, the tour contributed a lot in my decision making. I would like to thank Kooky Tuason and Azrael Coladilla of AzraelsMerryland.blogspot.com for this opportunity. For more information visit http://www.iacademy.edu.ph/


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