Anticipating “Man of Steel“ Showing on June 12

Man of Steel This is it! The long wait is almost over as Man of Steel will be showing in the Philippines on June 12. Are you interested to know what would be Nolan’s take on Superman? I like what he did on The Dark Knight, giving the character more depth and a story that most of us can relate to. I know, we are not billionaires like Bruce Wayne, but do you know what I mean? Giving the character a face, a story, a believable story on why he was who he is. I’m hoping that Nolan’s Man of Steel would just be as insightful.

Reading through some of the interviews of Producer Deborah Snyder, it seems like I will get what I was expecting:

Producer Deborah Snyder recalls, “One of the first things Zack said to me was, ‘This is going to be the most realistic film I’ve ever done. How ironic is that?’ But that was our goal: to make Superman relevant for today’s audiences, to make him fit into our world.”

MOS_HCavill_ZSnyder Snyder and Cavill looking at an output.

According to a Warner Bros. Press Release, the director chose to shoot on film and in 2D instead of native 3D, to be converted into 3D in post. Snyder continues, “Zack felt that an intimate filmmaking style, including handheld cameras, would help us connect with Clark who, when we first meet him, is kind of lost, trying to find his place but feeling very out of place, which is something we’ve all felt at some point in our lives.”

In scripting the story he and Nolan wrote, screenwriter David Goyer determined that “the film is very much about choices. It’s about a man with two fathers: Jor-El, Kal’s Kryptonian father, and Jonathan Kent, Clark’s dad on Earth. Clark/Kal has grown up with two sets of histories, though only one was known to him until now. And now he needs to reconcile those teachings if he is to become the man that, arguably, both fathers would want him to be, in their own ways.”

“Man of Steel” opens across the Philippines on June 12 in IMAX 3D, Digital 3D and regular theaters and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.


Sources : Warner Bros. Direct Press Releases


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