“Channeling” Peeks into the Future of Self Broadcasting

kate french  CHANNELING Every change, every trend, every upgrade has its boon and bane. In “Channeling,” first time director Drew Thomas precursors on the imminent dangers of one’s wanton desire for fame and fortune via daily self-broadcasts.

“Channeling” revolutionizes social media with its eyecast tool – a contact camera that one can wear on their eyes where it transmits real time all the information and sent directly to one’s smartphone or tablet. The movie is a futuristic thriller on people who seek validation by broadcasting their lives to as big an audience as possible.

In the movie, a soldier returns home on bereavement leave to discover that his brother's accidental death...wasn't. With 72 hours to solve the mystery, Jonah assumes his brother's identity, and enters a world of voyeurism and exhibitionism that's as dangerous as it is addictive - a world in which people broadcast their lives in real time to as large an audience as possible. Hungry for ratings and the approval of their followers, these 'Channelers' engage in increasingly risky and self-destructive behavior.

“Channeling” will open in cinemas this July 2 from Crystalsky Multimedia.


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