“Superbook Classic” and “Superbook Reimagined” Premier at ABS-CBN

ABS-CBN Corporation and CBN Asia executives with Gizmo Weekend mornings will never be the same again as timeless Bible stories come to life beginning tomorrow (July 12) as the favorite classic anime “Superbook” returns on Philippine television in its new home, ABS-CBN.

Chris, Joy, and Gizmo are now official Kapamilya after ABS-CBN recently inked a deal with CBN Asia for the rights to air “Superbook Classic” and its newest 3D version “Superbook Reimagined.”

“ABS-CBN aims to bring out the best in every Filipino kid by teaching them positive values through ‘Superbook,’ where kids learn Biblical stories in a fun and entertaining way. Children, together with their parents, get to learn valuable life lessons that everyone can relate to, making it a perfect bonding activity for the whole family,” said Evelyn Raymundo, ABS-CBN Head of Integrated Acquisition and Distribution.


“Superbook Classic” is the anime version that was first loved by Filipinos when it aired way back in the 1980s. ABS-CBN now brings these classic episodes dubbed in Filipino so that today’s generation of Filipino kids can enjoy and learn the many life-changing values and principles that the show imparts.

“Superbook Reiimagined,” meanwhile, is the new installment of the Superbook series that aims to revolutionize kids’ viewing experience by using state-of-the-art animation, effects, and graphics that will easily capture this generation
“Many parents today grew up watching ‘Superbook’ and now it’s their children’s turn to watch it,” said Katha Inocencio, CBN Asia’s vice president for production.

“We are excited that many Filipino families will get to experience Superbook again and altogether learn from the exciting Bible stories it will feature every week,” said Icko Gonzalez, project head for “Superbook.”

Don’t miss the premiere of “Superbook Classic” this Saturday (July 12), 9:30 AM before “Promil I-Shine Talent Camp 3,” and “Superbook Reimagined” this Sunday (July 13), 9:30 AM, before “Matanglawin” only on ABS-CBN.


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