Walking Dead Among the Living in “Savaged”

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Amanda Adrienne makes her feature film debut in “Savaged” where she takes on the role of Zoe, a deaf girl is brutalized by a murderous gang who are then hunted by her when the bloodthirsty spirit of an Apache warrior inhabits her lifeless body.

Her character Zoe tells her mother that she wants to move in with her long distance boyfriend, her mother is reluctant to let her drive by herself since her daughter is deaf and unable to call for assistance. Despite her reservations, Zoe's mother allows her to go alone, which proves to have disastrous consequences when Zoe is abducted, brutally raped by several rednecks and left for dead when a Native American rescues her. Now empowered with mystical spirits, Zoe returns for violent revenge on her attackers.

In preparing for the physical demands of the role, Adrienne revealed in previous interviews that she studied Wushu for nine months for the fight scenes. “It’s definitely mostly physical and emotional scenes but you just have to put yourself in it and go for it. But before taking on this role, I also went to Playhouse West for two year, studied Meisner and I’m not at Ivana Chubbuck Studio,” shares Adrienne of her preparation for the movie.

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The movie’s director Michael Ojeda sees the movie as a supernatural action movie with lots of horror elements. Filmed with a modest budget, Ojeda shares that “I’m old school in a way. I’d rather use as many practical effects as I could. If I could’ve flipped a real car I would have. That would’ve been the way to do it, and then composite her in front of it. Compositing, I don’t see that as CGI. Compositing is compositing. If you flip a real car, slide her in there and rotoscope her out after the car is flipped or before, then you’ve got yourself a shot that really looks real. So we had to go with visual effects for this film but hopefully for the next we can do more practical.”


Check out the chilling trailer of “Savaged” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6CKMAfw9Mw .

“Savaged” opens this August 6 in cinemas nationwide from CrystalSky Multimedia.


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