Ejay Marries Two Women in “Ipaglaban Mo”

Hunk actor Ejay Falcon plays a man married to two women in “Ipaglaban Mo” this Saturday (Sept 13) as the hit legal drama anthology tackles bigamy.

Ipaglaban Mo's Kasal Ka Sa Akin episode (2) (1)  

Jigger’s (Ejay) first wife Lala (Meg Imperial) was the breadwinner of their family. She worked abroad for five years to pay gratitude to her uncle and aunt, who took care of her and her siblings when their parents died.

Lala thought her husband understands the situation, but little did she know that Jigger was unsatisfied with their nine-year marriage because of their long distance relationship.

When she returned to the country, Lala was welcomed with the shocking news that Jigger was already living with his second wife. Did Jigger commit a crime when he decided to marry another woman? How did the court decide on the case?

Ipaglaban Mo's Kasal Ka Sa Akin episode (3)

Also joining the cast in this week’s episode titled “Kasal Ka Sa Akin,” directed by Mikey Del Rosario, are Jeff Gaitan, Crispin Medina, Debraliz Borres, Karen Reyes, and Alora Sasam.

Don’t miss “Ipaglaban Mo,” the drama anthology that empowers Filipinos with knowledge of their legal rights and obligations, hosted by Atty. Jose Sison and Jopet Sison, this Saturday after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN. For more updates follow @IpaglabanMo2 on Twitter, @IpaglabanmoABSCBN on Instagram, and like the Facebook page www.Facebook.com/IpaglabanMoABSCBN.


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