Taylor Lautner is a Wanted Man in “Tracers”


Filmmakers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, who produced young adult blockbusters such as “The Twilight Saga,” “Fault In Our Stars” and “Safe Haven” once again brings a thrilling world of action and adventure in the Taylor Lautner starrer “Tracers.”

“Tracers” finds Lautner in the midst of a dangerous world known as parkour that does not just exist as fitness regimen for Cam (Lautner) and his newly found friends but a way of life to avoid capture and prove their innocence against those whom they cannot trust with their lives.

For broken people who are struggling and searching, life can be fine one day and frighteningly unstable the next. “Tracers” is a dark, character-driven crime action drama set in the dangerous and nimble world of parkour. Cam is barely scraping by and trying to pay off his debts. He crashes his bike into Nikki (Avgeropoulos), a complicated stranger caught up in a gang of broken street criminals who seduces him into her dangerous world. The parkour takes him to places he has never been before and lands him a lucrative job under the gang’s leader, Miller (Rayner). Ultimately extricating himself from a world unimagined and unanticipated becomes a whole different heart-stopping challenge.


“I’ve always found the world of parkour – free-runners – and the philosophy behind it reminiscent of the philosophy behind surfing or mountain climbing and any extreme sport,” says producer Marty Bowen. Bowen also knows, undertaking a project like this requires complete authenticity on the part of the cast – because if that weren’t the case then audiences would catch on immediately. “I think an audience subconsciously will know if an actor can pull off a stunt or you know it’s not him,” says Bowen. The honest truth was, there was no other actor that could pull off the leading role of Cam better than Taylor Lautner. And frankly, there are things that even his stuntman – his stunt double who taught him to do parkour, cannot do as well as Taylor can. He’s just a truly gifted athlete.” But the other extremely critical thing to note here is that Lautner is not only physically up to the challenges of the film, but concurrently he’s grown as an actor, and this role demanded real acting chops.”

“Tracers is a real Dickensian story in the vein of Oliver Twist about a young man who essentially has been orphaned; his father and mother are gone, and he’s been forced, at a very early age, to fend for himself. So Cam dreams of getting his father’s old sport car up and running and moving far, far away,” says Bowen.

Diehard action fans definitely won’t be disappointed with Tracers. “Stunt coordinators Gary Powell and Lee Morrison,” says Avgeropoulos, “absolutely deliver the adrenaline fix. They did the recent Bond films and even the Bourne films. So you’re going be seeing some amazing stunt and action sequence, and add to that the character-driven storylines and stellar performances by the cast. I believe this movie is really going to be something special and deliver on many levels.”

“Tracers” is now showing in cinemas nationwide from Pioneer Films.


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