Fusion Of Action In Epic Adventure Movie “The Warrior’s Gate”

                From Luc Besson, producer of the highly successful blockbuster “Taken” movies comes his latest high-budget action film “The Warrior’s Gate” starring Dave Bautista and Uriah Shelton with Chinese actors Mark Chao and Ni Ni.

                In “The Warrior’s Gate,” American teenager Jack Bronson (Shelton) is magically transported to ancient China, where he must become a hero and rescue a beautiful princess (Ni Ni) from the clutches of the evil barbarian king (Bautista).

                Jack Bronson lives in a part-time visual world.  Bullied at school and on the pumptrack, he lives with his single mom, who’s struggling to meet her mortgage payments.  So every chance he gets, Jack escapes into the world of computer games  - via his fearless avatar, the Black Knight.  Soon, his adventures become real when Mr. Chang, owner of an antique shop where Jack helps out after school, gives him a family heirloom – a mysterious chest.   The chest as Jack discovers, is a gateway to another world.  Through the help of the chest, Jack soon discovers his warrior within when he is tasked to protect a princess from ancient China.

                Director Matthias Hoene helms “The Warrior’s Gate” under Luc Besson producing.  A huge Luc Besson fan, Hoene notes that one element that runs through all Besson’s productions is their consistently astonishing characters, “And this movie is no exception.”

                “What makes this story strong is that it starts in the very relatable, modern context of middle America, with a kid we can all identify with,” Hoene observes.  “Like most of us, Jack loves escaping into the world of computer games.  And his computer game suddenly becomes reality.  It’s not about the joypad anymore, now it’s about real might.  I think that’s a very universal story.  As a teenager, that was certainly my dream.  So I think it’s a great set-up.  On one hand, we’re capturing the exotic nature of China and the amazing craftsmanship and actors we have here.  On the other, we have access to EuropaCorp’s (Besson’s production studio) very cool editing, cinematography, color correction and music facilities, and a great script by Luc Besson and Robert Kramen.  So all the ingredients for success are there.”

                “The Warrior’s Gate” opens November 23 in cinemas from Pioneer Films.


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