‘UNFRIEND’ highlights power of media


The narrative is seen through the perspective of David (played by Sandino Martin), who is openly gay as observed in his account in the famous social networking site FACEBOOK. Through this site he also professes his love for his on-line boyfriend Jonathan (Angelo Ilagan), a Facebook subscriber, too.
David, whose parents are working abroad, lives with his grandmother who is always busy doing household chores and watching religious programs on television. The lack of familial physical and emotional contact has led him to find solace in Jonathan.

On Christmas day, he finds out that Jonathan has taken another lover. The discovery brings him on the brink of depression making him think of ways to get him back at all cost. He has invited David to see him on this day for the last time. And, through the frenzy of his preparation before meeting up with Jonathan; we will discover his traits and personality, the “worlds” he lives in - virtual and real, and we will witness how he prepares for his most unique shout-out that he will make not only in Facebook wall, but, on his life.
In the end, like shout-outs or posts, likes and comments on Facebook, we will realize that David and Jonathan’s story is one big performance in the hyper-reality sphere. But, unlike in the cyber world, it is not only our virtual friends who see and get affected by these posts but the entire community, as well.


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