In Focus: Kulayara Art Gallery

I am a frustrated artist. I have always been fascinated with art, and have always tried to learn more about it when I have free time. I also love to visit galleries, specially the ones that are away from the mall to view art and see how it blends in to nature. 

One gallery that satisfies these senses is Kulayara Art Gallery located at 28 Gutierrez Street, San Juan Manila. It was relaunched last May 25, 2016 with a stellar lineup of artists exhibiting their works.

I've seen the beautiful works of  Hermes Alegre, Fil Delacruz, Romulo Galicano, Raul Isidro, Gig de Pio and Ephraim Samson. As all six artists are renowned for their contemporary, realist and abstract paintings, guests can expect a wide array of works spanning a diversity of genres and styles.

Hungry after viewing the artworks? No need to go outside the area because along with the Kulayara re-launch, its owner, Suzette Hernandez also slated the grand opening of Zette’s Café, the gallery’s official coffee shop. Guests can partake of coffees, frappes and wines, indulge in entrees such as salpicao, pot roast and fish and chips, or be nourished with soups and salads (the Gallery Salad with candied walnuts and blue cheese is expected to be a hit).

Zette's Burger

I got to try their Zette's Burger. I enjoyed it from the bread, to the patty and everything else in it. The bun is absolutely tasty and fresh. It didn't disintegrate when I sliced it which resulted to a non-messy burger eating experience. 

The beef patty has a good texture, average-sized and seasoned just right.

Linguine in wild mushrooms

My second favorite was the Linguine in Wild Mushrooms. I'm not a big fan of mushrooms but when I tasted this dish, I can't help but get more. Smothered in white sauce, it looks like a simple dish but it is one of my favorite. 

I also tried the Gallery Salad, specially loved the candied walnuts and the blue cheese! It maybe a bit sweet for some but it was just right for me. 

Other must-try's are the salpicao, seafood chowder, and the seafood arrabiatta. While for desserts, I highly recommend their blueberry cheesecake. 

Zette's Cafe's blueberry cheesecake and choco overload. The cheesecake was to die for!

Seafood Arrabiatta of Zette's Cafe

Diners may also enjoy the café’s delectable desserts such as red velvet and chocolate cakes, or pair their coffees with fresh breads that Suzette herself bakes. Suzette completed a short course on bread-making and cooking at the Heny Sison Culinary School to make sure that things will be on the right track for the café. Zette’s Café receives guidance too from its consultant Chef Vicky Villanueva, and complete support from Suzette’s siblings and other relatives, all of whom are involved in the café as chefs and staffers.

Aside from exhibits, art lovers can look forward to various art-related activities and events that Kulayara will be hosting. Art classes and sketching sessions are lined up, while popular artists and art experts will also be holding talks, workshops and seminars throughout the year.

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