'Destiny 2' rumors: Bungie to include platform-exclusive content; 'Destiny 2' to be unveiled at Game Awards, Playstation Experience event

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Bungie recently unwrapped a multitude of "Destiny 2" updates. Teasers of the game and a rumored release date have been revealed recently.
"Destiny" is an online shooter video game developed by Bungie and released by Activision. It is currently available on PlayStation 3 (PS3), PS4, and Xbox One game consoles.
There are rumors circulating that Activision is looking for a more efficient way to deliver content in the next "Destiny 2." The developer is believed to test transactions in the game, hoping to eliminate the idea that gamers should play in order to win. The testing will allow the games to buy emotes and other cosmetic content.
According to Gaming Bolt, "Destiny 2" might join the bandwagon in offering time-exclusive downloadable content. A practice that is becoming a trend in the game world, pushing for more platform purchases to advance faster.
Bungie has been teasing the fans that there is a possibility that the game will be announced either in the Game Awards or in the PlayStation Experience event happening this week. The Game Awards will be held on Dec. 1 at the Microsoft Theater, while the PlayStation Experience will be held on Dec. 3 to 4 at various locations in Anaheim, California.
The game developer dropped another easter egg in their weekly update which states, "We'll be back in the swing of things next week. The cadence of new content in Destiny is about to speed up again. We hope you can keep up."
These events are the mecca for gamers who want to know new releases firsthand. If speculations are correct, such will be the perfect venues to release "Destiny 2."
Expect new content and a string of better updates to come in the next few weeks as the game is nearing its rumored release.
"Destiny 2" is rumored to be unveiled in 2017.

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