'Overwatch' news: Lower graphics card may improve gameplay; Symmetra redesigned with new ability

(Blizzard/Overwatch)Symmetra in a promotional photo of "Overwatch"

Blizzard Entertainment released a ton of updates that urged the fans of "Overwatch" to pop the game again in their consoles and play. A graphics card trick, Symmetra's redesign, among other updates, are just some of the exciting details happening in the futuristic world of the game.
Players of "Overwatch" may want to amplify their scores by trying this latest trick posted in Candyland.  By tweaking the graphics card settings to the lowest, the game will run at a quicker rate which will give the gamer an advantage compared to other players. The downside is that characters will look pixelated, and there will be fewer branches and trees. The disadvantages can be a plus for some players who want to improve their sniping scores and advance faster. 
Meanwhile, Symmetra just received a major redesign, thanks to the patch update created by Blizzard's character designers. In a developer update by lead designer Jeff Kaplan, he said, "Symmetra is going to be the first character in 'Overwatch' to actually have a choice of ultimates." He added, "She now has two buildable objects for her ultimate, a choice of a Teleporter or a choice of a shield generator," Kaplan stressed that they have improved these weapons further improving her skills.
The shield generator was removed because the players do not feel that it is a fun element to play with. The developers replaced it with an entirely new ability called the Photon Barrier. Kaplan added, "Very similar to Reinhardt's shield or Winston's projected barrier that he creates. It's a barrier that Symmetra has, but what's cool about hers is that it's actually projected in a track of movement." 
The redesign can be seen at The Public Test Realm. Fans can take a look at the new Symmetra in action at Unit Lost - Great British Gaming's demo.

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