Irish Wish - A Movie Review

Rating: ★★

From the hearty tales of the Emerald Isle comes this rom-com, Irish Wish. Directed by Janeen Damian, this cute in-flight to Ireland is an hour and thirty-three minutes of laughter and folklore wrapped in friendship and love.

Plot Overview

Irish Wish brings us Margaret "Maddie" Kelly, a role  brought to life by Lindsay Lohan. Maddie's life turns upside down when the man she secretly loves decides to marry her best friend. The plot thickens when she chooses to be the bridesmaid at the wedding, set in the quaint and picturesque towns of Ireland.

Cast & Characters

One of the film's strengths lies in its casting. Lindsay Lohan is perfect as Maddie Kelly, balancing comedy, and romance. Ed Speleers as James Thomas and Alexander Vlahos as Paul Kennedy engage in believable chemistry with Lohan. The supporting cast, including Ayesha Curry, Jane Seymour, and Elizabeth Tan, also deliver performances that enrich the story and satiate the audience.

Direction & Screenplay

Janeen Damian encapsulates the Irish charm and magically weaves it with a modern-day love story. Kirsten Hansen's writing is light-hearted, keeping the audience glued and entertained.


While the movie offers an engaging love triangle set amidst the lush Irish landscapes, it doesn't shy away from cliches often associated with the genre. Yes, it's filled with romantic tropes - but that's part of its charm. It's lovely seeing Lindsay Lohan on the big screen again, and the on-screen chemistry between Lohan, Speleers, and Vlahos makes it an enjoyable watch.


In the end, Irish Wish is an enjoyable romcom that beautifully explores an Irish wish. The belly-full of laughs combined with moments of tenderness justifies its 5.2 IMDb rating. It's not the best movie ever created, but it's certainly cute, funny and undeniably entertaining. This film feels like a warm cup of Irish coffee on a rainy day – familiar, yet pleasantly heartwarming.


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